Best Reasons for Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on various social media platforms is becoming fruitful for businesses of all sizes and varieties. A recent study by Pew Research Center has found that more than 68 percent of adults in the US use Facebook, more than 78 percent in the age group of 18 to 24 years use Instagram, and more than 45 percent use Twitter. The more interesting fact is that more than 37 percent of Americans above 65 years of age use social media.

No doubt, having access to such a large number of customers will boost your traffic, generate leads, get profit, and increase your brand recognition. Here are why small, and big brands should invest in social media advertising to grow their business and achieve their set goals.

Advertising on Social Media: The 5 Benefits

Whether you are considering investing in ads on social media or entirely new to social media ads, you can reap huge benefits from running ads on various social media platforms.

Affordable Entry Cost

 No matter even if you have a small budget, you will need to spend very little on the advertisement on social media platforms compared to traditional advertising. No doubt, spending more on ads on social media platforms will bring quicker results and get you to know what is working or whatnot.  You can optimize performance, reach more quickly for your goals like signups, website traffic, and sales, and test more variables. LinkedIn can be a great way to generate leads for B2B business if you have a larger budget and audience. If you have a small budget, then Pinterest can be the best for running low-cost campaigns.

Connect with New Customers

Whether you want to run ads on Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, advertising on social media allows the users to reach out to new customers and connect with them. Advertisement on social media targets a large number of users based on their behaviors, interests, and other demographic data. This gives the advantage to companies to introduce their brands to new users based on interests, behaviors, and different patterns. Many people who may not know about your product and services will start thinking to purchase it when they see your prospective ad.

A Wide Variety of Features and Formats

Social media advertising offers endless options, tactics, and creative freedom to showcase your brand in the way you want. You can take advantage of the wide variety of advertisement formats ranging from ephemeral to static images to video contents in long forms, and many more. Social media formats are available in vertical rectangular formats to horizontal to the square. The most popular format for ad placement is Stories format, which can be seen prominently on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Above all, you can’t ignore the immense power of video content to showcase your products and services.

Achieve More Goals for You

Whether you want the ways to drive more audience engagement around your brand, drive sales and more leads, increase app use or website traffic, optimize your content for users to add to cart and expand your brand visibility and reach, you can accomplish more such goals through advertising on social media platforms.

Get More Audience Insights

You can utilize in-built social media platform-tools to get more insights about your audience and understand the overall audience breakdowns. For example, you can get details of genders, age groups, regions, and devices your audience use from Facebook breakdown. When you pair these breakdowns with prospective metrics of performances and your audience, it will help you target audiences that resonate with your ads. Further, you can use it to optimize your social media campaigns.

Additionally, you can go to Facebook Ads Manager and check out for Audience Insights. It will help you to view a particular audience’s gender and age breakdown, education level, relationship status, device activity, job titles, location, and many more. You can also run Instagram Stories Ads with polling stickers to better understand your audiences and their preferences.

Investing in social media advertising is always beneficial for expanding your brand and getting more leads, sales, and profits. If you gain audience insights, use comprehensive formats, accomplish more goals, and reach more customers, you are on the right track.

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