Best SEO Tools For Monitoring and Auditing Your Website in 2021

Sudden Google algorithm updates often leave marketers feeling concerned and confused at the same time. It seems that Google waits for marketers to get all of their ducks in a row, then suddenly unleash an update making all your efforts obsolete and futile. Plus, Google also maintains some secrecy in evaluating different websites and determines which site and how it appears on the result pages of search engines for further queries.

Luckily, several SEO tools can help the users view how search engines such as Google see their websites. Some of these SEO tools are free, and some are paid. All of these SEO tools are highly effective in improving your website ranking and relevance for chosen keywords. Here are the best SEO tools that you can use to monitor your website and auditing in 2021.

Google Search Central: Google Search Console

Google Search Central has many tools that can help you to appear in the result pages of search engines for the search phrases and term your target audience is searching for. Google Search Console debugs, optimizes, and monitors your website. You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding. The platform will help you to optimize the keywords that can currently rank on your website, crawl any errors existing on your website, optimize the mobile-friendliness of your website, etc.

HubSpot Website Grader

With this SEO tool, the users can learn about their website’s performance in just seconds, identify the specific issues related to website performance, and receive actionable and clear feedback on how to fix the problems. Further, the users can find out how to optimize their websites for mobile users, learn how to implement the best security practices for their websites, and create a great user experience.

UpCity Free SEO Report Card

The SEO tool provides its users a free SEO report card allowing them to analyze their website regarding how it can stack up against the competition. You can find various useful information from the report card, including rank analysis, on-site analysis, link building, trust metrics, website accessibility, and current indexing.

Google Analytics

The SEO tool has also the paid version, but its free version can also help you manage the SEO of your website. You can use this tool to get rid of the traffic that ruins your SEO reports, identify which web pages are getting the most traffic,  and improve SEO on the web pages getting little traffic. The Site Content Reports can also help you determine each page’s engagement metrics, conversion of landing pages, engagement for the pages and directories, etc.

Bing Webmaster

The SEO tool from Microsoft gives its users access to various tools that can offer an insight into several factors of the website like diagnostic, reporting, etc. It helps users analyze their website, manage backlinks, and review keywords to ensure that the website is well-optimized for organic search.

Internet Marketing Ninjas

You can use the tools to optimize your web pages, increase organic traffic, generate meta tags, and compare your website against the competition. The users can identify broken links, view all their page links and images, and use an on-page optimization tool to evaluate the meta information, web page content, and internal links.


 The Google Chrome extension automatically checks the SEO parameters of a web page for free. It includes reviewing internal and external links, on-page SEO audits, domain comparison, real-time URL, and data file export. You can get detailed information about how your links include anchor texts, URLs, etc.


The site crawling and log analysis SEO tool helps the users identify SEO issues quickly and monitor them continually. For example, it can help you identify error messages, inadequate responses, and severe other damage on your website. It measures the impact of the SEO efforts you put on every page.

Check My Links

You can use this Google Chrome extension to ensure that your links on internal and external web pages are properly functioning or not. It auto-highlights the excellent and useful links in green and the broken links in red color.


The SEO auditing and crawling tool assists with on-page SEO optimization testing and technical SEO analysis to provide you a report about various elements related to SEO like backlinks, page quality, organic presence on social media, page speed and quality, etc.


The real-time content tracking and SEO auditing tool can track your website 24/7 giving you an insight into the issues related to your SEO. It visualizes data with real-time reports and dashboards and provides an opportunity to collaborate with your clients and team easily.

Besides, you can also use some other tools like SpyFu to drive traffic to your websites, Keyword Hero to understand the organic traffic’s search intent and optimize your website’s structure. You can also use Linkody to understand the performance of your off-page SEO, Moz Pro to increase the search ranking of your business, BuzzStream to come up with useful email messages, research the appropriate viewers, and track the people accepting the requested link.

Similarly, Woorank reveals the opportunities for improvement and optimization, and GrowthBar can perform competitive analysis, keyword research and follow the ratings for SEO. Almost every marketer and SEO expert are well aware of the SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. You can choose any of these tools or combine them to achieve your SEO goals and get started optimizing, auditing, and monitoring your web pages, content, and website.

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