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For Beginners

Creating a website from scratch is quite an unnerving process and demands a lot of time and effort. If you can afford, you can hire a professional website builder but if you want the creative freedom to design the website through your point of view then WordTypo is the right choice for you.

You can be a complete amateur in this field. WordTypo offers the right tools and easy beginner’s guide to take you in the right direction.

WordTypo offers various plans and you can start with the basic one. It will be free of cost and once you have created a foundation for your website, purchase the premium plans for more advanced tools.

For Medium-level Users

If you don’t want to confine your shop to a brick-and-mortar store then bringing your store to an online platform will be a great option. WordTypo gives you a smooth runway to take off your website to new heights.

WordTypo offers over 100+ themes and templates to choose from. Simply purchase the premium package and take advantage of multiple features such as free hosting, domain name, ad-free website, intelligent builder and many more.

Having a strong social media presence works in your favor for building a website. When people will search for your site on search engines, your social media pages will show up too. Most of the people are likely to visit your website via social media.

Platform to Create

The intuitive technology of WordTypo gives you the creative freedom to design a website according to your taste.

Website Design

The intuitive technology of WordTypo gives you the creative freedom to design a website according to your taste.

Add your touch: The Professional Editing tool of WordTypo gives you complete freedom to design. Move things around easily with the ‘’Drag and Drop’’ tools. Every element is customizable. All you have to do is recolor, rotate and resize the elements according to the theme of your website. Choose from 100+ tools and built-in features to mark your web presence.

 Instant Designs: Create beautiful websites in no time with WordTypo. WordTypo can build websites if you provide it with the right information and some insight about your content. You can choose the text and background color from the color palette and upload the images that match your content.

Website Templates

Website templates are the main attraction of any website especially if you are creating a home page. An attractive and effective template is the first thing that will attract customers to your e-shop or readers to your blog. WordTypo offers several eye-catching templates. You can choose from 100+ options that go perfectly with any content.

WordTypo offers a Website template on a number of contents from sports, to fashion, to movies to blogging and many more.  All you have to do is find the best possible match and customize them accordingly.

Blog Website

If you feel that your ideas are worth sharing then showcase your writing skills on your blog. Write anything from inspirational to informative blogs and be the inspiration of many. With WordTypo’s right tools you can build a successful blog and increase your audience with time. Explore all the designer-made templates and built-in features of WordTypo to set up your blog.

SEO Tools

Increase traffic to our blog with advanced SEO tools and personalized SEO plan that hikes your visibility on different search engines.

Add Hashtags and Categories

Help readers find the right content by adding hashtags. You can even create categories on your blog for different contents.

Professional Editing

Edit and style your texts and images with the advanced tools. Apply filters, use quotes, adjust or align the content and take a preview of your content before finally publishing it.


Add music, images and posts from your social media sites. You can add these external applications by using HTML code.


Customize the layout of your blog so it is clearly visible on the smartphone devices.

Create Logo

Create an expressive Logo with WordTypo within minutes. Mention some information about your business or blog and our logo maker will give you the right options.

WordTypo Essential Tools

WordTypo offers several other essential tools that lend a helping hand in your website creation.

Domain Name

Make it convenient for the visitors to find your site with a personalized domain name. A right domain name adds credibility to your website and makes you look professional.


WordTypo Analytics helps you make informed decisions regarding your websites. You can keep a track of your visitors and analyze their behavior. These insights will help you improve your website.

Web Hosting

Our Web hosting service will make your website visible for a large number of customers and audience. WordTypo provides a secure hosting and keeps your mind focused on the right stuff like customizing your website.